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THE Texas Tropical Network

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Coral reefs support 25% of all marine life--but under current threats, from climate change to ocean acidification and disease, they could disappear altogether. Science writer and ocean expert Juli Berwald has traveled the world to meet people on the frontlines of coral conservation, trying everything from genetic modification to climate manipulation to give coral reefs a fighting chance of survival in the 21st century. Juli, author of LIFE ON THE ROCKS and SPINELESS, will talk about how both simple interventions and radical-sounding proposals can play a role in building a future for coral reefs. Coffee will be provided, with a Q&A to follow.


Welcome to the Texas Tropical Network!

The Texas Tropical Network invites members of all departments and programs at Texas universities, non-profits, and businesses to join a network of researchers, community leaders, and innovators with an interest in tropical conservation and sustainable development.


Recognizing that issues like deforestation, climate change, biodiversity loss, indigenous rights, and trade in tropical commodities are intertwined and interdisciplinary, the Texas Tropical Network seeks to bring people together across departments and universities, to engage them with the general public, and to find solutions to global sustainability issues rooted in the tropics. By sponsoring seminars, panels, networking events, and other gatherings, the network hopes to foster creativity and exchange, and inspire people across Texas to recognize the linkages between their own lives and the fates of tropical ecosystems. 


The network is based out of UT Austin but will work closely with Texas A&M and Texas State Universities, eventually expanding to host events at other Texas schools as well. To sign up for our email list, please fill out this Google form. To join the network on facebook, please visit our page here.

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